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Articles, on-page content, marketing materials, presentations, press releases – you name it, we write it.

We can help you with identifying your tone of voice, planning your communications, pitching to different audiences, building your style guide, and everything around your communications cycle.

The kind of things we do

How we can help you

Identify your tone of voice

Define your brand values, understand your audience, and moderate your tone for congruity with your brand personality and your industry.

Plan your communications

Audit your content, identify your channels, map your business goals and help you get the right message to the right people at the right time.

Create content campaigns

Analyse your assets, set your messaging and follow your communications plan to prepare high-performing campaigns to meet your business goals.

Who we are

We’re a dynamic duo with a passion for storytelling and precise communications. We work locally and remotely, providing the responsiveness you need to deliver confident, consistent communications for your business.

Michael Frearson is a London-based copywriter and communications specialist.

Michael has a Master’s degree in Creative Writing and has spent over ten years writing B2B and B2C online and offline content for various audiences and sectors.

Michael also has strategic experience of developing campaigns and content, managing communication projects and implementing omnichannel strategies.

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Ben Littler is a Rotterdam-based PR and communications specialist.

Ben has a first-class degree in History and a decade of communications, journalism and business development experience.

Ben has a proven track record as a copywriter, publication editor, PR consultant and communications manager. He’s an expert in media relations and strategic global communications, with international trade a speciality.

Ben has a reputation as an authentic, innovative and knowledgeable figure in the maritime industry.

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